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Dear Loretta and Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes

Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes

Stars: 5 Stars

Luna has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is a sweet and caring pup. The care that Loretta showed her is reflective of how sweet Luna is.

Loretta was an amazing help in getting Luna to us in NY safely.

Luna has been a great buddy for our girls and has become a best friend and playmate for our 6-year-old Westie.

Thank you Loretta for all you did to make this an easy transition
into our family.  –   – Juan and Daisy R.

Dear Loretta and Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes

Stars: 5 Stars

I recently adopted our furbaby from Loretta. I had questions about the breed prior to my decision. Loretta was quick to respond with honest expectations about the breed. She described the puppies she had available and helped match my family with the best furbaby. We picked her up and received food, microchip, insurance, aka paperwork, a book about the breed, puppy pads, food, a blanket & toy to ease the transition and so much more! They love and care these dogs receive prior to adoption are first class. At nine weeks our furbaby was pee pad trained and slept thru the night without accidents. Loretta has continued to be a valuable resource and she loves seeing pics of her furbaby enjoying her new family. I feel like we really adopted one of her family members and will continue to keep in touch. I highly recommend this breeder! – 

Dear Loretta Roach and Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes,

10 star REVIEW!!!

Please, forgive this long review but Its coming from the heart!
We have been following Mountain Ridge Giant Malamutes for almost 2 years, enjoying the beautiful dogs, babies & Roach family.  We decided we wanted to add a baby to our family over 2 years ago, and contacted Loretta (Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes) to get on a waiting list while watching the last bundle of babies growing & going off to thier new families ? and fell in love with The Roach family and Mountain Ridge Giant Malamutes seeing how their dogs are a part of the family! The are not just there to breed.. Daddy Diesel, Queen Sheba, Legends of Red Timber and Luna bug…… They are their fur babies ? They Do not live out in a kennel for the only purpose of breeding.

They are full of Love, Compassion and the Roach family are now a part of my family too!! Daddy Diesel and Momma Timber, Nanny Loretta Roach (Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes) have given us the most precious bundle of fluff~ Grizz-y bear born 10/28/2017 and being able to Watch him from birth, grow & all the loving & care they all recieve has been truly amazing!! We fell in love and got to watch our baby thru Facebook live videos, photos & video thru the whole process, bonded and loved every bit of it!!! We picked up Grizz this past weekend and it was truly an amazing experience, we drove 8 hours from Ohio and Loretta welcomed us into her home to visit & play with all the puppies, momma and all the others!! We then checked into our hotel and got some sleep .. First thing Sunday morning we went back to pick him up to start our journey home and Grizz did amazing the whole trip!!! They are truly great people ! 

We got a big ol diaper bag, filled with grizz-y’s favorite toys, a blanket that momma had slept with so he has his blankey with Mommy’s scent & hair, a folder full of awesome information~ his microchip info, vet & health record and great training info. along with his akc registration info and papers, puppy potty training pads Which by the way is awesome, The puppies are all puppy pad trained and started on leash training! Grizz has been home 2 days and has no accidents in the house, already letting us know he needs to potty and walks amazing on his leash ? he is already learning simple commands , Sit & lay down!!! Truly amazing she had 11 fluff nuggets and taken the time to begin training is truly a testament on what a great breeder, and loving person she is!! 
Grizz has gone for his vet check and is amazingly healthy, happy has cute little puppy manners and amazing confidence! He is adjusting so easily to his new life & home.

I Highly recommend, if you are considering getting an Alaskan Malamute 
That Mountain Ridge Giant Malamutes are The BEST !!! 

10 star review!!

I have followed and looked into many breeders, have found disgusting puppy mill breeders , breeders who have dozens of dogs living in inhumane conditions that truly are heart breaking.

No one even comes close to the loving , caring , open hearted, compassion of Mountain Ridge & Loretta and family.. 
Thank you for being the Great Breeder and amazing family that you are!!! Grizz is simply Amazing!!! 

Sorry for writing such a long post, I truly from the heart wish to only express to you and everyone who follows your page who are considering getting a great Alaskan Malamute our gratitude and our experience !!!
Thank You!!! – Linda Myers

To Loretta and Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes

Susan DeMorra-Aurora

Stars: 5 Stars

My sweetheart of a girl joined us on March 11th. I live 6 hours from Lynn and the parents, Miya and Diesel. I loved from the start that Miya was so sweet and attentive to her babies. Diesel is a nice and energetic boy, he is well socialized. He is a handsome Malamute, and very playful and engaging. The entire atmosphere in how the pups were cared for, kept with Mom and all of the pack in the house. My girl is Aurora, and she too is sweet. I would recommend buying a pup from Mountain Ridge. My girl is the 9th Malamute I have had as part of our family. – Susan DeMorra

To Loretta and Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes

Stars: 5 Stars

This beautiful boy became part of our family about 2 weeks ago. He is already so comfortable with our 4 year old boy and our 9 year old ‘puppy’. You could tell the pups were loved and well taken care of! And let me tell you, big daddy Diesel’s pictures just don’t do him justice. He is stunning! – Jane Farley




To Loretta and Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes

Stars: 5 Stars

To anyone considering buying a pup. … Loretta has been beyond amazing! She went out of her way to answer any questions i had and make sure i was comfortable with my decision. she updated pictures and videos of the pups daily and was always very quick when responding to comments and messages! It is very evident that she truly loves her pups and continues to love them even after they reach their forever homes! We got this big, beautiful, healthy, sweet boy from mountain ridge Alaskan malamutes and couldn’t be happier! He truly is the perfect fit for our family! We will forever be grateful for Loretta and of course her beautiful pups diesel and timber! – Vanessa White

To Loretta Roach and Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes

Stars: 5 Stars  – Hi all!! just wanted to say if you are ever on the fence about getting a puppy here ,,,,, you should,,,we have never been happier,,,the pup we got is healthy, happy,,Loretta had him going with a leash and puppy trained to a pad ,,, ya just don’t get that now days ,,, he has had lots of love and attention, and all the paperwork was in orderly and she made things easy to deal with pm me anytime with any questions you may have if you have any!! I would buy another anytime from Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskans!! – Elaine Rose

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