Support Team

At Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes It takes a village to raise wonderful puppies.

We have one female that we retied after 2 litters with Diesel that is Queen Sheba, we had to retire her when the babies were just to big for her to pass and had to have a c-section with both litters. So queen Sheba will stay here with us forever. Out of her last litter we decided to keep one of her babies (because I fell in Love with her ) and that would be my Luna Bug , she is a pet we because we had no intention to add another breeding female so we got her spayed.

Luna bug is out of Queen Sheba & Big Daddy Diesel’s first litter, it was just something about her that won my heart . She has never had a litter and she was spayed at the age of one . She will forever own my heart.

We also have one boxer that belongs to my husband, her name is Cookie, she’s more of a couch potato and minds her own business. She loves to go with us on hiking adventures. We also have a Maltese name Nina, she is going on 12 years old and still acts like a 6 month old puppy. Nina bosses the puppies around like she is a school-marm. All the dogs together help with the puppies to socialize them. When you introduce your new pup into your home with an existing dog, your new Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamute will be at ease with any breed, and will immediately love on them.